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Storybooks Canada

Storybooks Canada takes stories from the African Storybook, and publishes translations into Persian (as well as many other languages).

They have everything from simple stories for beginners, to fairly advanced language. But what's really great is that all of the stories come with an audio track, by a native speaker, that can be played section by section.

And if you struggle, there are easily accessible English and French translations to help you along.

Persian Lyrics


The best English/Farsi dictionary I have seen so far is actually the English-language Wiktionary, which sports a significant number of entries for Persian words, and often comes with the usual goodies you'll find in a Wiktionary: inflection tables, pronouncations, etymology.

The English Wiktionary of course also contains entries for English, and so you'll also be able to lookup an English word, and often, you'll find a link to the Persian translation. It's not as user-friendly as a dedicated two-language dictionary, as you'll be browsing through a list of translation into dozen of languages, but it will work.


Collects a number of different dictionaries, some of them very specialised, such as 6155 words and abbreviations about chemistry. It's not just English either, but includes Persian-Arabic, Persian-Italian and many more, including mono-lingual Persian-only.

Grammar & Resources, University of Texas at Austin

A deep dive into the Persian grammar, compiled by the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the The University of Austin, Texas. While I feel the material at times could be organized and presented a little better, it is a very exhaustive walkthrough of all the grammatical structures.

The websites also features high-quality audio pronouncations throughout, as well as some video content designed for learners.


Francis Joseph Steingass published A Comprehensive Persian-English dictionary in 1891. It is Persian->English only, and does feature transliterations.

While you can get it as a physical book, an online version is available by the University of Chicago. There are even apps available for both Android and iOS.

Content-wise it no doubt shows it's age, and the way it is presented - full pages from the original dictionary rather than individual word entries - is a bit strange. But it will be useful resources for deeper study of older texts in particular.

Another classic dictionary published by the same university is the Sulayman Hayyim.

FreeDict Farsi/German

This dictionary has an interesting backstory. The guy who runs it in his free time does not actually speak a word of Persian. There is an article about him and the dictionary in the German newspaper TAZ.

PodGap Podcast

Mohsen and Hanieh are two native speakers who moderate every episode of this podcast. The episodes range from material for beginners to fairly advanced. I like that they focus on immersion: There are generally no long explanations or discussions in English to distract you.

You can support them via their Patreon, and through it you'll get access to the episode transcriptions.

Ali Jahanshiri's Personal Website

A real gem. In addition to many other things, this contains one of the most concise, well-organized guides to Persian grammar you'll find, and a verb conjugator that works with both Persian script as well as roman transcription.

Ali is taking Bitcoin-donations, and if you find is site useful, I encourage you to support him.


A huge amount of videos are available across every possible spectrum and subject.

Beginners searching for easier material might want to have a look at the Kids Section, which features a number of cartoons, including Western properties such as "Boss Baby" with Persian voice actors.

There are live streams of Iranians playing video games, similar to

The company behind the site also produces some of their own content, such as Cafe Aparat.

Persian Language Online

Produced by a charity tasked with promiting Persian language learning, this website offers both apps designed for children, but also a very large set of carefully produced, short animation videos that come with an English translation, a glossary and dialogue sheets. They are ordered by increasing difficulty, and as such they are quite suitable as source material for self-study.

Langenscheidt German/Persian

High-quality Persian-German and German-Persian dictionary.

Cafe Denj

A 14-episode video series about a series of friends running a Cafe, specifically designed for language learners, and with good production value. It was produced by the Department for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Austin Texas.


Despite being advertised as a podcast, this is really a very comprehensive audio course. Each lesson comes with a transcript and a vocabulary list. It may not feel as lovingly crafted as Chai and Conversation, but the library of materials is extensive.

You can browse the lesson library without signing up, and you'll also be able to access for free a number of vocabulary lists, complete with audio pronounciations and transcriptions.

Chai and Conversation

Chai and Conversation is a set of audio lessons, starting at beginner level. The main audio files are freely accessible, while you can upgrade to a paid membership to access accompanying lesson guides and transcripts.

It's clearly a labor of love for Leyla Shams, the woman behind it, and you won't find an industrial, one-size fits-all course, but a deep dive into the Iranian language and culture, including lessons on poetry from Forough Farrokhzad.

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