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Ali Jahanshiri's Personal WebsiteVerb conjugator and concise, but extensive grammar resource.

A real gem. In addition to many other things, this contains one of the most concise, well-organized guides to Persian grammar you'll find, and a verb conjugator that works with both Persian script as well as roman transcription.

It was a great help to me when I was coding the grammar-parser of Farsi.school, and also my inspiration to start the page you are reading right now.

Ali is taking Bitcoin-donations, and if you find is site useful, I encourage you to support him.

Cooljugator PersianConjugation Tables for Persian Verbs

This will give you the conjugation table for a Persian verb. Conveniently, it lets you input a word in any form, including in a transliterated shape. Pretty neat: You can also have it display the English translation for every individual form.

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